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New Podcast Episode: Breaking Communication
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Jessica (She/Her)
Financial Educator
Posted April 6, 2022
The Wallet Watch podcast has released its third episode of season 7, “Breaking Communication Barriers,” where hosts Amanda and Jessica interview their first guest of the season, Oakland University Associate Professor Rebecca Mercado Jones, about the importance of communication.   
Communication is continuous, it is something we are always doing through our eyes, facial expressions, and body posture, even when we are saying nothing at all. In this episode, Rebecca also talks about the transformative potential of a conversation, the communication axioms, and how to prepare yourself to handle the difficult conversations in our lives.
Featured Quotes:
“If you think about from your own personal standpoint the conversations that you’ve had with people that shaped your own sense of identity-how do I think about myself, how do I feel about myself, and who am I? All of those kinds of questions that we ask, these like deep philosophical questions that we are asking ourselves are usually answered by conversations we’ve had sometimes, like with strangers who sometimes don’t know us. So when I think about communications studies I’m thinking about, yes conversations, but also the nonverbal communications. All of the things we say without saying a word at all.” -Rebecca Mercado Jones

“Thinking about the relationship between intent and impact that is at the heart of communication.  Where does the meaning lie. Is it about your intent, or is the about the potential impact of my words? So, I think ideally meaning lies in some space between us that you are simultaneously thinking what is my intention and giving me the benefit of the doubt, but also I need to be concerned very deeply that I impact other people, what I say and how I make people feel, impacts them.” -Rebecca Mercado Jones
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