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Preparing to Move Out of State
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Jamara (She/Her)
Financial Educator
Posted April 12, 2022
Alex Graham Bell once said “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Being fully prepared before any major change in life will make transitions happen a lot smoother, and reduce possible stress and anxiety. Being prepared is especially important when relocating to another state. There are a few things you should consider when planning to move. Work, schools, living cost, and moving cost are just a few of the items that should be on your moving checklist. Before hitting the road or taking flight, create a strategy.
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Learn more about where you are headed before you go. Look up what your new city or state has to offer. It is helpful to look into things that directly correlate with your specific lifestyle. For example, if you are a current student then you may want to look into schools in the area. Review the transfer process and education programs aligned with your studies. Researching living cost is important as well. There will most likely be a difference in cost when it comes to transportation, housing, food, and more. Consider renting for a while before anything permanent. This way if you do not like your new area, you will be able to make a change much easier.
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When beginning to pack, think about storage options if needing to downsize. Look into storage options in your new area. Donate items that you are comfortable parting with. Determine your transportation for your move, whether it be by car or plane. If you decide to drive, budget gas into your moving expenses. If it is a far distance you may want to plan for hotels book the ahead of time. If your plan is to fly to your new home and you own a car, look into car shipping services. Professional movers are also something to think about. Research all the moving companies available to you and compare the cost and services offered by each.
Update essential information
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Keeping all of your personal information up to date will also help with your moving process. When you are ready to actually move, update your new mailing address on your bank accounts, subscriptions, and online accounts. Cancel any local memberships that you may have. Gather any documents needed to convert your driver’s license. Schedule a date for turning on new utilities, this way you have lights in your home the day you arrive. Think about healthcare and any changes that may need to be made. Look at potential doctors and if they have availability to take in new clients. Explore options for pharmacies preferably close to your new home. Secure any sensitive documents while moving so that nothing is lost along the way.
Time to move
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Having a plan to move makes moving a lot less hectic and more enjoyable. Researching your new area will help you to decide if the move is the best decision for you, or perhaps you need to consider a new location. Try making a budget for moving expenses based on travel and the amount of possessions that will be relocating with you. Get rid of clutter and things that no longer serve purpose. Keep all important documents safe and secure for traveling. Make sure to cancel or update subscriptions, online accounts, and memberships. It is also important that you are emotional ready for the move. Distance from family and friends can be difficult. Make sure you have a support system. Having a moving plan will prepare you for a successful relocation.
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