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How to Save While Flying
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Dan (He/Him)
Financial Education Intern
Posted May 12, 2022
With summer break coming up, it is time to talk about how to save money this summer as we look at travelling by plane. The two largest expenses when travelling on vacation are typically hotel costs and transportation. In this article I will detail how to save when booking flights.
First when planning your trip, try to be flexible with your arrival and departing dates. By shifting your timelines by even a day, you can save as much as $100! If you’re searching for flights on Google, select flexible dates so that the site will show you which dates are cheaper than others.
Second, use both trip planner websites and go to airline websites directly to purchase your flights. Websites like Expedia can have deals that help you to purchase flight plans and get discounts on local hotels. Similarly, because airlines want you to buy flights directly from them, occasionally if you get tickets directly from the airline they will have discounts on the tickets.
Third, buy at the right time. If you look for tickets from 3 to 6 months out, you will usually find the cheapest tickets available. However, the traditional advice of buying at the right time of day no longer matters as much. You’ve probably heard that you need to buy tickets early in the morning on a Tuesday, because airlines issue deals on Monday. This is no longer true because airlines are now able to issue deals at all times.
Fourth, sneaky fees are still an issue. Just because you see a very cheap flight from a budget airline, doesn’t mean that your final ticket price will be cheaper. When looking at the prices of flying, think about how many and what kinds of bags you will need. Then look up the price of baggage and if they charge round trip or each leg. Then determine which airline is best.
Last, if you have experience in childcare or animal care, consider being an inflight nanny. People sometimes need extra help with children or animals while stowing bags or inflight. There are multiple services that can help you get connected with parents so that you can make money while you fly.
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