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Enhance Your College Experience
by Being Involved
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Jamara (She/Her)
Financial Educator
Posted May 17, 2022
Going to college is a fun and exciting experience. The best part about the college experience is it is a different experience for everyone. Not only because of what we choose to study, but also what we choose to be a part of. College allows us to dive deeper into cultures we are not familiar with, extend our knowledge in interests we are passionate about, and be welcomed into new communities. Joining organizations and clubs broadens the experience of college beyond the borders of earning a degree.
Developing skills
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Being involved in different organizations and clubs while in college helps to develop skills that are needed later on in life. No matter what your future career field will be, there are universal skills we all must develop to enter the workforce. One of the skills developed is how to work with others. Expanding people skills will enhance communication techniques.

This could look like developing problem solving skills when it comes to conflicts and having healthy confrontations. Participation in extracurricular activities helps to build teamwork proficiency. When joining groups that connect with your field of study it may also allow you to apply what you are learning in the classroom, outside the classroom as well.
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Being a part of organizations in college allows you to meet people with different backgrounds and experiences. This allows you to be able to hear and encounter different perspectives on worldly topics. Having this opportunity provides room for self-growth. When being exposed to diversity in cultures, races, and backgrounds, we become more opened and prepared for life after college.
Networking and belonging
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The best part of being a part of an organization is the admission into a new community. When joining a group of people from different backgrounds and common interests you create friendships. These friendships create connections that provides a sense of belonging and become a support system. Not only do we gain new friendships, but we unconsciously begin to network.

These networking connections may be of benefit in the future. This could help to open doors later on in life. Your participation will also look great when you start to build your resume. The connections you make may also provide great opportunities for letters of recommendation.
Get involved
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College is an exciting time. Make the most out of your experience by getting involved in different organizations and clubs. Meet people you may have never gotten the chance to meet without the opportunity of participating in something new. Participate to develop skills of communication and teamwork. Create connections with people of different backgrounds to broaden your way of thinking and socializing. Continue to nurture those connections to be able to use them for later opportunities. More importantly, have fun!
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