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Breaks Are Necessary
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Josh (He/Him)
Financial Education Intern
Posted October 18, 2022
The 2022 school year is nearing the end and you’re close to wrapping up your first full school year of in person classes since 2018-19. Take a minute and breathe! It is important as college students that we take the necessary breaks to ensure we are putting our best foot forward in our education.  

We hear the standard of graduating college in four years because most universities advertise themselves as a “four-year university.” It is more important to take in the information you’re learning and focus on what you want to do post-graduation, than it is to rush your degree and college experience. Studies from Better You show that eight in ten college students report high levels of stress. While there are many factors that lead to this stress, time is a big factor.

The goal of attending a college or university is to receive your degree. It is not as important to finish within a designated amount of time. If you feel like you are taking too many credits, it is OK to drop a class and focus on the remaining classes within your schedule. While this can increase the cost of schooling overall, you will retain more information from your classes. If you feel like there is too much pressure and you cannot put your best foot forward into your education, taking a semester off is also an available option. You shouldn’t be ashamed to do what’s best for you.

Additionally, explore opportunities while you are in your college. Many companies offer co-op opportunities which would require you to take a semester off of college, but it would allow you to gain experience before you have graduated and gives you the opportunity to change your major if you realize you don’t like this line of work after all.

Remember, the goal is to earn a degree, not to finish as quick as possible.
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