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7 Tricks to Save Money without
Realizing It
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Posted August 13, 2015
1. Cancel unused subscriptions and memberships
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You may not realize how much money you are wasting on things you used to want. Double check and make sure you aren’t paying for online subscriptions if your free-trail expired. Cancel that magazine subscription you never have time to read or that monthly gym fee that’s killing your wallet.
2. Turn off the AC and roll the windows down
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The AC uses gas to cool your vehicle, which means you’ll be filling up more often. Instead of cranking it on high, roll your windows down and enjoy the breeze.
3. Unplug all electrical devices
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When electrical items are plugged in, they are still using energy and your hard earned dollars. Unplug everything from TVs to toasters when they aren’t in use and your electricity bill will decline.
4. Buy in bulk
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You’re in college, which means you will eat pounds of cheap noodles with no regret. Save time and money by stocking up at bulk purchase stores and enjoy the sweet taste of dollars saved. For example, a roll of toilet paper from bulk purchasers will cost you around $.42, compared to the local convenience store cost of $1.49.
5. Use the “no change” method
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This method will build your savings at a rapid pace. Every time you pay for an item in cash and receive change, put it away and act like you never received anything back. For example, if you bought an item for $8.50 and paid $10, take that extra $1.50 and set it aside. Over time the change and single bills add up!
6. Install CFL or LED lightbulbs
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These types of lightbulbs are not only good for the environment, but great for your wallet. It cuts your bills, provides savings, and their life span is 50,000 hours, which means they can last more than 10 years!
7. Lose the cable television
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How much do we really need cable when our only addiction is an online streaming service? The average price for an internet/cable bill is $137/month. That equals over $1,644 in a single year! If you factor out the needed cost of internet (roughly $66/month), by cutting out cable and sticking with internet sources at $7/month, you could save almost $800 a year.
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