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How Broke Students Can Still Fuel the Detroit Economy by KitsiH on Aug 8th, 2013

The huge buzz around Michigan lately is all about how Detroit has recently declared bankruptcy. Some of us have seen it coming for a long time, while others are completely shocked. But despite this negative news for the Paris of the Midwest, I know that Detroit will rebound and pick itself back up again. With declaring chapter 9 bankruptcy, the people of Detroit will now have the basic needs they've been lacking to get themselves back on their feet and ready to start improving our metropolis. As of now, Detroit is about $18.5 billion in debt to creditors and unions.

Now, how can we help? While we may be struggling college students, we still need to eat. Some of my favorite hole-in-the-wall eateries in Detroit are listed below, so next time you go to a Lions, Tigers or Red Wings game, or are even just looking to enjoy a day in the city, try checking out some of my personal favorites listed below:

Café D'mongos - This is probably the coolest place you could ever stumble across to eat in Detroit. Immediately when you pass through the threshold you are thrown into the 1930's back in the time of prohibition and jazz and beautiful, elaborate decoration. There is almost always a local musician playing loud, soulful jazz in the corner and you are seated in a candlelit, intimate setting with ornate chairs. The food is generally comfort food, which is delicious, but the real reason hip Detroiters flock to Café D'mongos is for the experience.

Lafayette Coney Island - Ever wondered how the famous Coney Island restaurants started? Well, here it is. If you're looking for some real, authentic, Detroit history, get yourself an incredibly cheap hotdog and enjoy the atmosphere of a real American Diner.

Mudgie's Deli - This sandwich bar has the most unusual but delicious sandwiches you will ever come across. Continually having been voted the best sandwich in it's county, you can imagine the wholesome ingredients that go into these sandwiches. The key to fully enjoying a Mudgie's sandwich: don't be picky. Even if you're normally a picky eater, don't ask the kitchen to remove any ingredients. They all go together to formulate the perfect combination, so enjoy it as the chef intended- weird and delicious.

Le Petit Zinc - Detroit isn't called the Paris of the Midwest for nothing. Stop by this local Detroit creperie and you will feel like you've stepped into a chic French garden to enjoy a crepe meal. Whether it be for a romantic date or a simple brunch with friends, come here to enjoy a perfect summer meal outside.

Slows Ribs - Slows is a famous Detroit barbeque joint that gives you five choices of different BBQ sauces to drench your ribs, pulled pork, or what have you. Even Mark Wahlberg recommends it. The line here is constantly out the door, so if you're looking to eat ASAP, I recommend going right across the street to the Mercury Burger Bar, where they have unique burger combinations that you'll want to repeat once you're back home cooking for yourself.

What I really think is going to be a big factor to rebuilding Detroit is sticking it to the man, and going to local small businesses. My next series of blogs will include cheap and free entertainment in Detroit, shopping in Detroit, jobs in Detroit, and finally, living in Detroit (because I know you'll want to!). So stay tuned for more reasons to love Detroit!

Where are your favorite places to eat in Detroit? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in a comment below!


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