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Financial Concierge
The Financial Concierge is a virtual assistant integrated into ComputerLine that utilizes a brief questionnaire regarding your financial goals. This will connect you with a tailored mix of financial resources that can help optimize your financial well-being.

Why should I try Financial Concierge?
By taking the questionnaire and providing some additional information, we are able to provide you with a tailored mix of recommended product and services. This is similar to the experience you'd receive when visiting our branch, using Live Chat or calling our Call Center. Except in the instance of our Financial Concierge, it's self-service.
Tailored financial products
based on your needs
Update and modify as you reach your financial goals
Be the first to learn about new products and services
How does Financial Concierge work?
Once you login to ComputerLine, a pop-up will direct you to a short questionnaire. The questions range from what are your financial goals, your comfort level with navigating finances, to what products/services are you currently using.

Based on the results, you will receive tailored MSUFCU products and services. Recommendations can be dismissed or further information can be explored by selecting learn more. You can also start an application, request an appointment, or take further action on the recommendations.

If you'd like to participate, or explore our other pilot opportunities visit The Lab website.
What if my financial outlook changes after taking the Financial Concierge quiz?
You will be able to retake the questionnaire at any time with the MSUFCU Financial Concierge link in the email you received. This will ensure the recommendations are based on your most up-to-date account information.
What if I'm not interested in any of the products or services recommended to me?
If you're not interested in a recommendation you've received, you have the option to dismiss it, and we will not recommend that product or service again unless otherwise indicated.
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