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Loan & Visa Forms

Need some extra cash this month? On occasion, you may need additional funds for a special event or an unexpected expense. MSUFCU's Skip-A-Pay program can help by allowing you to skip up to two non-consecutive monthly payments on each of your loans each calendar year.



The following qualifications must be met in order to use Skip-A-Pay1

  • Loan must be paid current
  • Loan must be open for at least six months 
  • Please contact us as soon as you know you wish to skip your loan payment 

A $35 application fee will be assessed for each payment skip requested and will be withdrawn from your account when your application is approved.

Skip-A-Pay is not available for first mortgages, Prime Advantage Home Equity loans, vehicle leases, or business loans.

Setting Up Skip-A-Pay

To set up Skip-A-Pay for your loan, print and complete the application below and fax to MSUFCU at toll-free at 866-374-2123.2 You may also submit your application in person at any of our branches or by mail:


Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
PO Box 1208
East Lansing, MI 48826-1208 


Have questions about Skip-A-Pay? Contact us online, call 517-333-2222 or toll-free 800-678-6967, or visit any MSUFCU branch.

1All MSUFCU loans must be current with no collection action pending. Your account must not be overdrawn, and you must have sufficient funds on deposit  to cover the $35 application fee. Each loan payment is applied first to unpaid late fees and charges, then to the accrued interest due on the loan, and the remaining amount is applied to the principal balance. 

2Subsequent requests to skip payments on a loan for which a written Application, Disclosure, and Agreement form has already been submitted may be made by contacting MSUFCU. 

A separate written Application, Disclosure, and Agreement form must be completed and submitted if the borrowers on the loans are different. For example, if Member A and Member B are co-borrowers on an auto loan while Member A and Member C are co-borrowers for a personal loan, a separate form would be required for the auto loan and personal loan.

Other restrictions may apply. Refer to the account and loan disclosures and agreements. For auto loan payments, please check with your GAP coverage carrier to determine how Skip-A-Pay may affect your coverage. It is your responsibility to verify the impact of skipped payment(s) on your GAP or other insurance coverage.

Printable MSUFCU Visa Application

Print and complete the Visa Credit Card Application with the signatures of all applicants where indicated. Check the box of the card you are applying for (Platinum or Platinum Plus) and the card style. Bring the application to an MSUFCU branch or mail your application to:

MSU Federal Credit Union
Visa Department
PO Box 1208
East Lansing, Michigan 48826-1208 


MSUFCU Routing Number: 272479663

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