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MSUFCU | Forms & Applications | Loan & Visa

Loan & Visa Forms

Complete the following information and provide the listed required documents to MSUFCU as soon as possible after completing this form. Incomplete requests will not be processed. Allow five (5) days for processing your request. All originals will be sent via U.S. Mail unless otherwise noted.

Documents Needed to Process Subordination Requests
Subordination RequestThese items are to be mailed or faxed to MSUFCU as soon as possible with the completed subordination request after completing this form.


  1. Appraisal Report (photos are not needed)
  2. Underwriting/Transmittal Summary (Form 1008 or 1077)
  3. Title Work
  4. $150 Subordination Processing Fee Payable to MSUFCU
  5. Preliminary Settlement Statement

Fax to: 517-664-4887, Attn: Mortgage Department or mail the above paperwork to:
MSU Federal Credit Union
3777 West Road
East Lansing, MI 48823


Printable MSUFCU Visa Application

Print and complete the Visa Credit Card Application with the signatures of all applicants where indicated. Check the box of the card you are applying for (Platinum or Platinum Plus) and the card style. Bring the application to an MSUFCU branch or mail your application to:

MSU Federal Credit Union
Visa Department
PO Box 1208
East Lansing, Michigan 48826-1208