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Routing Number: 272479663
Swift Code: MSUCUS44
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IOLTA Money Market Checking
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IOLTA Money Market Checking
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IOLTA Money Market Checking
MSUFCU's Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts (IOLTA) program allows lawyers to place certain nominal and short-term client funds into a pooled dividend-bearing account.

These dividends are remitted by MSUFCU directly to the Michigan State Bar Foundation to support charitable purposes. These funds, allocated by the Michigan State Bar Foundation, help Michigan's legal service providers assist the state's most vulnerable residents with problems such as domestic violence, child support, health care, and other critical needs.

• MSUFCU manages distribution of dividends
• Dividends earned supports charitable purposes named by the Michigan Supreme Court
• Helps satisfy regulatory requirements
• No additional IOLTA fees
• Earns Dividends
•Minimum Deposit to Open ($5.00 Business Spartan Saver).

How to Apply
To open your IOLTA Money Market Business Checking Account, you need the following documents:

• Completed Business Account Application with "IOLTA Money Market Checking" selected in Section C.

Notice to Eligible Financial Institution, and MSUFCU Addendum forms signed by ALL SIGNERS on account (This includes Responsible Individuals and Authorized Signers on the account). The Notice to Eligible Financial Institution and MSUFCU Addendum will serve as the IOLTA disclosure.

At least one of the following:
• Doing Business As (DBA)
• Partnership Agreement
• Articles of Incorporation
• Articles of Organization (LLC)
• Operating Agreement (LLC) if applicable

1The minimum balance fee is charged if a balance of $2,500 or more is not maintained.

2The excess transaction fee is charged for each transaction exceeding 500 during the month. Find additional fees applicable on the MSUFCU Business Fee Schedule.