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Credit Report Information

Credit scores are used in more ways than many of us realize: Lenders, insurance companies, employers, landlords, and many others use your credit score to determine what services they offer you and how much you will pay for them.

To assist you in achieving your financial goals, MSUFCU is happy to provide you with information about how your credit score is determined and what you can do to attain the best possible credit score.

A credit score is a three-digit number lenders typically use to determine the likelihood you'll be able to pay them back. Below is a breakdown of how most lenders view your credit score.



Over 750

Very Good




Fair 620–660
Could Be Improved <620

GreenPath Debt Solutions is a non-profit organization committed to providing expertise and caring service to help you break free from debt. GreenPath Debt Solutions is certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

GreenPath's credit professionals can help you reduce your stress, stop collection activity and negotiate with your creditors. More information about GreenPath can be found on their website. Receive your credit consultation today with GreenPath Debt Solutions by applying online or by calling 877-337-3399.

GreenPath, Inc.
38505 Country Club Drive, Suite 210
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

Other Credit Counseling Agencies

Alliance Credit Counseling Inc.
13777 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28277

Money Management International
14141 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1000
Sugar Land, TX 77478