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The Nickels app helps you manage your student loan debt. It provides digital, personalized, student loan guidance by syncing with your federal student aid account, and makes personal recommendations based on the account's status.

Why should I try Nickels?
The Nickels app helps users evaluate their loan information and current income to recommend payment plan timelines that works within their budget. It also actively monitors loan status and helps forecast how additional payments can reduce overall loan costs.
Monitors your student
loans automatically
Notifies you when action
is needed
Provides guidance for options of repayment
How does Nickels work?
First, you'll create an account with Nickels. Next, you'll link both your Federal Student Loan Aid, and your student loan servicer by using your login credentials for each. After linking your accounts, your current balance will be shown, and different next step options will be available.

Repayment Plan Estimator
Compares what the best repayment plan option will be based on your budget.

Payment Monitoring Support Tool
Actively monitors your bank account with Auto Pay Support. While also alerting you ahead of time if your account doesn't have enough money for an upcoming loan payment.

Payment Forecaster Tool
Allows you to forecast how additional payments will reduce your overall loan costs.