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Online Account Security at MSUFCU


The safety and security of your financial information is of the utmost importance to MSUFCU. We utilize numerous safeguards on our website to ensure your online interactions with us are protected, including 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, TrulyU® security protection, unique identifier options, and more.



MSUFCU also encourages you to protect your financial information online when visiting other websites. Check out the information in our Security Center for suggestions on how to ensure your security online and avoid falling prey to financial scams.


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TrulyU® adds an additional layer of protection to ComputerLine and helps prevent unauthorized access to your account. Enrollment in the TrulyU® security service is required for all ComputerLine users.

How Does TrulyU® Security Work?

When you initially login to ComputerLine, you'll be required to provide MSUFCU with additional information about yourself. Providing this information will help us, if necessary, to verify your identity in the future.

TrulyU® security features keep track of your ComputerLine login access patterns and learn your typical login behavior. If someone were to attempt to login to your account, TrulyU® security will detect that the login doesn't match your history. Should this happen, in order to verify your identity, an answer to one of your stored questions will need to be provided.


TrulyU® security is a trademark of Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.


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Web browser encryption: MSUFCU uses 128-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your information while you're using our website. Your account information that is available online and the information that you submit electronically is only seen by you and MSUFCU.

Time-out feature: It's important to log out of your account after you have completed your ComputerLine session, but we all forget at times. A time-out feature in ComputerLine automatically logs you out after extended inactivity to prevent unauthorized access.

Unique identifier: Always know that the emails you receive are legitimate MSUFCU emails. The unique identifier option gives you the ability to input a phrase of your choice in all of the email notices you receive from MSUFCU. Any time MSUFCU sends you an email (unless from a specific staff member), the phrase of your choice will be placed at the top of the email.


Set up your unique identifier by logging-in to your ComputerLine account, selecting the Manage menu, and choosing the Change Unique Identifier option under the My Information & Preferences section.