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MSUFCU | Security Center | Recent Scams

Recent & Common Financial Scams


Protect your financial and personal information by staying aware and informed. Below is information about a number of recent and common financial scams.


Equipment like hidden cameras and card scanners can be illegally added to ATMs worldwide. These devices allow a thief to video record your PIN and scan your card number. The false scanner may also be set up to "eat" your card so that it is not returned. Once you have left the ATM, the thief returns and collects your card.

ATM card scanning device photo ATM hidden camera photo
A device is added that receives your card
and stores its information
A hidden camera is added to everyday
items to record your PIN.

MSUFCU ATMs are monitored daily to prevent this fraud. When using non-MSUFCU ATMs, please be sure to examine them carefully prior to use. If your card is taken, be sure to report this to MSUFCU immediately so that we may block the card and issue a new one.