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Coetic's Mission is to help people connect more meaningfully to work and to each other, in aligned pursuit of their organization's inspiring mission. Our name "Co" captures together. "Etic" references "viewpoints from outside." We help leaders and members step back together and see their organization from the outside to make meaningful changes within. We believe in applying our expertise in organizational psychology (the psychology of work) toward the success of organizations that matter to our human communities and lives.

Woether, our High-Performance Work Platform, combines best practices and approaches designed to build more vibrant and effective teams. Based in science, Woether embeds the principles of organizational excellence in a software accessible to any team, accompanied by an expert guide. Woether makes it second nature for your team to focus on the key ingredients for sustainable effectiveness -- collective knowledge and capabilities, team member involvement and commitment, goal motivation and accomplishment, and readiness to flex and adapt to changing business realities. Through Woether's interactive Tools and ToolKits, Coetic supports proactive approaches that help people and teams integrate contributions.
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