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We will be closed Monday, May 25, in observance of Memorial Day.

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MSUFCU members: Check out our contests and enter to win great prizes!


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Financial 4.0 - Pay It Forward Week Winner

Tiana Hurston won an Apple TV.


Spartan Credit Card - Second Quarter Winner

Lacey West won a Mark Dantonio-signed football.


Spartan Credit Card - First Quarter Winner

Ryan Cunningham won a Tom Izzo-signed basketball.


2014 Graduate Makeover

Alexandra Sánchez and James Burns were selected as our two winners for the 2014 MSUFCU Graduate Makeover. 



Gameball Delivery Contest

Patrick B., Anna Z., Bud A., Elijah G., Jonah B., Karlee K., Ethan V., Trevor S., Drew O., Damian L., Wyatt R., and Aiden S. won the opportunity to deliver the basketball to Sparty before a MSU Men's Basketball Home game.


Spartan Credit Card - Fourth Quarter Winner

Samantha Guy won a Tom Anastos-signed hockey jersey.


Shop Saavy with Your MSUFCU Visa Contest

Joshua Westphal won $500 toward his MSUFCU Visa Credit Card balance for making purchases during the holiday season using his MSUFCU Visa.



Cha-ching Give Back Charity Contest

Ingham County Animal Shelter will receive a $500 donation, New World Flood will receive a $250 donation, and the Greater Lansing Food Bank will receive a $100 donation.


Financially Made

Nathan Dufrin, Joe Stump, Jacquelin Guzman, Jazmyn Patterson, Christina Johnson, Sahil Dagli, Anthony Allen, Keaton Kinder, Lydia Cooper and Abigail Hayes will win up to $500 in matched savings.


Dollar Dog Be Thankful Contest

Savannah Hamilton, Benjamin Young, Alaina Christensen, Delany Frank, Kaya Hirschman, and Cameron Moy won a $25 gift card to the Eastwood Towne Center.


Financial 4.0 Free & Fun Weekend Contest

Tarajo Reinhart won the two tickets to the MSU vs. U of M Basketball Game, $50 gift card to Pizza House, and a $25 Tasty Twist gift card.



Spartan Credit Card - Third Quarter Winner

Scott Inman won a Mark Dantonio-signed football.


We'll Pay Your Visa Contest

Judith Gallagher won $100 toward her MSUFCU Visa Credit Card.


Financial 4.0 - What's Your Reason Contest

Peter Burroughs, Kelsey Courtley, Mai Vang, and Clare Laut were selected as winners of the What's Your Reason Contest. Each winner received $50.