Celebrating 80 Years
About MSU Federal Credit Union
Founded in 1937, MSUFCU is owned and operated by members of the Michigan State University and Oakland University communities. We offer financial services to MSU and OU faculty, staff, students, alumni association members, and their families as well as a variety of select employee groups.
Our mission is to provide superior service while assisting members and employees to achieve financial security, their goals, and ultimately, their dreams.
We Offer a Full Range of Products and Superior Service to Meet Your Needs
MSUFCU is your financial institution for life. From youth accounts to retirement savings, you have access to a variety of products and services to accommodate the needs that present themselves over the years. In addition, these products and services never change. That means that the same fee-free checking account you enjoyed as a college student will stay with you at every stage of your life.

MSUFCU was founded by MSU faculty and staff in 1937 on the mission to build a financial strong MSU community. The credit union continues to operate by these principals today.

- Totally Green Checking
- Platinum Visa Credit Card
- Platinum Plus Visa Credit Card
- Auto Loans
- Mortgages
- Certificates
- IRAs

Frequently Asked Questions

My student has an account at my financial institution at home. Why should they open an MSUFCU account?
MSUFCU is convenient. We make it easy for your student to access their account at school and away. Our commitment to helping students succeed during college and beyond includes financial education sessions in their campus neighborhoods and knowledgeable staff that are here to help. Students also receive MSUFCU's lowest loan and credit card rates, even if they don't have credit established.
Is there a branch on campus my student can use to access their account?
Yes, MSUFCU is the only financial institution on campus with 3 campus branches, 37 campus ATMs, and 17 total branches in Michigan. Give your Spartan easy access to the only ATMs on campus. There are no fees for MSUFCU account holders, saving money for you and your Spartan.
Can I be on my student's account?
Absolutely! If you'd prefer, you can be joint on your student's account, giving you full account access. With your own debit card, it's easy to deposit and withdraw money at ATMs. You can also open your own MSUFCU account and take advantage of the same great products and services as your student.
Is there a minimum balance requirement?
No. There is no minimum balance requirement for the Totally Green Checking account.
How do I deposit money to my student's account?
It's easy to send money to anyone these days. Here are the top five ways to move money from your account to your Spartans MSUFCU account, with instant access to the funds.

•Easy electronic transfers from your financial institution or your MSUFCU account
•eDeposit checks with MSUFCU's mobile app
•Move money from your own MSUFCU account
•Make a deposit at an ATM or at a Shared Branch
•Mail a check to your Spartan or the Credit Union
What happens if they lose their debit or credit card?
Students can call or visit any branch. We can block the lost card and issue a new card immediately. All MSUFCU branches have in-branch card production so there's no waiting for a card to come in the mail. They will walk out of the branch with their new card.
I don't live in the East Lansing area. Are there available branches and ATMs that don't charge a service fee?
Yes. MSUFCU ATMs are part of the CO-OP Network. There are nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs available to you throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Does my student need to close their MSUFCU account when they graduate?
No. Once your student is a member, they are always a member.