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MSU Federal Credit Union | Manage Your Visa Account | Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers

It's easy to transfer your higher-rate balances to an MSUFCU Visa Credit Card! MSUFCU does not charge a balance transfer fee, and you're sure to enjoy one low monthly payment and our 24/7 repayment options via ComputerLine, MoneyLine, and Green on the Go ® mobile banking.

Just contact us online or at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968, and we'll send an electronic payment or check to pay off your high-rate credit cards today.


How Much Will You Save?
If the current interest rate on your credit card elsewhere is 16.9%, you'll save over $1,600 in interest alone on a $2,500 balance by transferring it to an MSUFCU Platinum Visa with our lowest available rate!*

PLUS, there's no fee from MSUFCU to transfer your balances.

Calculate your potential savings!

*A balance transfer is considered a cash advance. Interest will begin accruing the day of the transfer. Calculation is based on a minimum payment of $15 paid monthly over 5 years on a balance of $2,500 with the lowest available MSUFCU Visa Credit Card interest rate.