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MSUFCU | Manage Your Visa Account | Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers


It's easy to transfer your higher-rate balances to an MSUFCU Visa Credit Card! MSUFCU does not charge a balance transfer fee, and you're sure to enjoy one low monthly payment and our 24/7 repayment options via ComputerLine, the MSUFCU Mobile App, MoneyLine, and Green on the Go ® mobile banking.



Just contact us online or at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968, and we'll send an electronic payment or check to pay off your high-rate credit cards today.



How Much Could You Save?
If the current interest rate on your credit card elsewhere is 16.9%, you could save over $1,600 in interest alone on a $2,500 balance by transferring it to an MSUFCU Platinum Visa with our lowest available rate!1

PLUS, there's no fee from MSUFCU to transfer your balances!2

Calculate your potential savings!


Calculation is based on a minimum payment of 2% of the outstanding balance paid monthly over five years on a balance of $2,500 with an 8.9%APR. Actual rate will be determined by a member's credit score.

2A balance transfer is considered a cash advance. Interest will begin accruing the day of the transfer.