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Fraud Management


Protecting our members from fraud is a top priority for MSUFCU. To give you additional card security, we use the Visa Fraud Alert Management detection system which monitors your MSUFCU card activity to help identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.



If suspicious charges or transactions outside of your normal spending pattern appear on your card, Visa Fraud Alert Management will contact you by phone on behalf of MSUFCU to verify the charges.

To verify your identity, you may be asked to provide personal information such as address, birth date, and confirmation of the last four digits of your Social Security number. You will never be asked to provide your full Social Security number, Visa card number, account number, or PIN.

If Fraud Alert Management is unable to reach you directly, they will leave a message identifying themselves as Visa Fraud Alert Management calling to verify transactions made with your MSUFCU card.

If we are unable to contact you regarding the suspicious charges on your MSUFCU Visa, your card may be temporarily blocked to prevent any fraudulent activity. The block will be removed once we are able to confirm with you that the charges are legitimate.


MSUFCU Routing Number: 272479663

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