6 Easy Tips to Save Money on Your Utilities This Winter

December 10, 2015
Sarah B, DIY Expert

With the holidays right around the corner, it feels like I have already blown my December budget. When I spend more in one area, I look for ways to save in others. One of the ways I try to cut down on costs in the winter is by cutting costs on my heat and electric bill. Below are some cool tips to keep your home warm for less!

Seal the Cracks
Cracks happen. Make sure you seal as many as possible during the cold months to keep warm air from escaping your house. Pay special attention to your windows. Up to one third of any heat loss is due to windows and doors! We put plastic film on our windows this year. However, it’s not just your windows that you will want to check. Make sure your doors, attic entrances, and fireplaces are insulated this winter.

Reverse Your Fans
Did you know your fan might have a winter setting? It true! Check your ceiling fans for a reverse switch. This changes the direction your fan rotates. As the hot air rises, your fan pushes it back down, keeping the room warmer and giving your furnace a helping hand.

Install Curtains
Curtains keep the warm air from escaping through your glass at night. Make sure to keep your curtains open on sunny days, though. This will warm up your rooms and give you free heat!

Check Your Furnace
Furnaces tend to break down at the absolute worst times. And, it can be costly (and inconvenient) to have a repair technician out. Prevent this by getting your furnace a tune-up and changing out the filter. Also, did you know that you can buy a “coat” for your water heater? I found one for around $20 at the hardware store. The coat insulates your water heater so it doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money.

Close Some Vents
Be sure to close the doors and vents in rooms you don't use often. In rooms you do use every day, check all the vents and confirm they are open and aren’t blocked by furniture or other items. When you have to heat fewer rooms, you save money.

As long as your pipes don’t freeze and burst, your home is only kept warm to keep you warm! Consider adding some layers to your outfit when you are hanging out around the house. Keeping yourself warm means you can turn down the heat and save money.

These tips are all easy to do and can help you save big on your utility bills. Take advantage of one of the last weekends of the year to knock these things off your to-do list!


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