Budget-Friendly Summer Date Night Ideas

July 7, 2022

Just because you want to save money this summer, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice date night. There are plenty of ways to spend time with your loved one without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas.
Get Creative!
Date ideas can get more budget-friendly the more you get creative. By using items you already have around the house, you’ll be saving money on a fun date night before you know it.
A few creative ideas to get you started could be:
- game night
- going on a walk together
- making a new recipe together, or
- backyard movie night
The list of simple, cheap dates continue, and the ways to elevate them extend even further. Try setting up beforehand and playing music to help it seem even more like a night out. 
The more you plan ahead and think through these date ideas, the more special that time together will feel for the both of you.
July is National Picnic Month
One easy and fun date night idea is to go on a picnic! Rather than eating out at an expensive restaurant, pack up a few of you and your partner’s favorite snacks and head to a memorable location.
There are many great ways to turn a simple picnic into a thoughtful date. This could range from an indoor set-up on a rainy day, to a sunset picnic at the lake. 
The key to planning a great picnic date is not the amount of money you spend, but the effort in making this small activity special. 
Activities in your area
Look into local events and deals going on near you. You might be surprised at how many free activities and events are happening in your area. 
Start by simply searching online, “free events near me.” You can oftentimes find free concerts, festivals, charity runs, and shows happening in towns or cities close by. This could be a great way for you and your partner to get out into the community together.
Keeping an eye out for any specials or discounts in your area is also a smart idea if you’re trying to save this summer. This could be for items like movie tickets, event entries, or even restaurants.
MSUFCU sponsors many local community events. Check out msufcu.org/events to see what local concerts, festivals, and more are happening in your area.

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