Plan and Prepare: National Preparedness Month

September 7, 2023

September marks the return of fall weather and sports as well as National Preparedness Month. Disasters and emergencies can happen at any time. Here are our top tips to ensure that you and your family are prepared.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security, uses National Preparedness Month each September to encourage Americans to prepare for disasters and emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities.

Being prepared includes creating a plan, building an emergency kit, designating an evacuation route or a shelter in place area, signing up for emergency alerts, and sharing this information with your family and community.

Prepare your family.
The first step is to create a plan. Outline how you will communicate before, during, and after an emergency, and establish a familiar family meeting place.

Next, build an emergency kit that includes enough nonperishable food, water, and other basic needs to last for several days. Also, have flashlights, a first aid kit, batteries, a cellphone charger and backup battery, extra cash, and other supplies to get you through an emergency. 

In addition, signing up for emergency alerts will also ensure that you or loved ones are notified of a dangerous or unexpected situation. 

Prepare your home.
Survey your home to make sure it is safe and that your personal documents are secure. Install carbon monoxide detectors with battery backups on every level of your home in central locations. And, make sure your insurance is current.
You should also review with your family where to shelter in place in case of a tornado warning, severe thunderstorm, or winter storm. 

Prepare your finances.
When a disaster strikes, it can lead to financial emergencies. This can be any expense or loss of income you did not plan for, such as a damaged roof, a flat tire, or a medical bill. Having an emergency fund can help cover these costs.

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