A Guide to Becoming Financially Fit and Well

August 18, 2022

August is National Wellness Month and one of the most beneficial ways to contribute to your well-being is by reducing stress. A great way to minimize this feeling is by getting in control of your finances. Follow along as we discuss stress-free tools to help you manage your finances.



Financial stress is a factor that can impact your overall wellness. The American Psychology Association’s latest survey on stress found that 72% of Americans reported feeling stressed about money in the month prior. Thankfully, there are many stress-free ways to manage your money that will also help you become more financially fit.


One of the best ways to begin your financial wellness journey is by using online resources, which can help make your finances accessible and easy to use. They also offer tools that help you learn about ways you can better manage your money, allowing you to become more confident in handling your finances.


Two great online resources to start with are signing up for direct deposit and having your bills paid automatically.


Direct deposit is when funds from your paycheck, social security, tax refund, etc., are deposited into your account electronically rather than using paper checks. By having your paycheck at your fingertips on payday, this tool aims for a stress-free approach to money management by simplifying your day – no longer do you have to stop by a branch or ATM to deposit your check.


As for having your bills paid automatically, online bill payment allows you to schedule your bill payments to automatically transfer from your financial institution or credit card. With this online tool, you won’t have to worry about missing payments, as the bills will automatically be paid on time for you.


Finally, additional online resources that can help you become more financially fit and well are mobile apps that help identify areas in which you can better your finances. For example, the MSUFCU Fin-Life app informs downloaders about opportunities to improve their financial habits, tackle debt, and much more. There is no investor speak, monthly fees, or in-person meetings needed — just your phone and 3 minutes each week. For more information about how the Fin-Life app can improve your financial wellness, visit msufcu.org/finlife.


By implementing online resources into your daily life, you can learn ways to make your finances more manageable and become more comfortable when handling money. This is key to improving money-related stress, improving your overall wellness, and becoming more financially fit.

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