Financial Education Tools for Different Age Groups

August 25, 2022

It is never too early – or too late – to learn about money. There are many forms of financial education available to benefit you in whatever stage of life you’re in. Here are a few different financial education tools you might find helpful depending on your age group.




Developing financial literacy at a young age is important. By learning basic skills and terminology early in life, managing money and becoming financially independent will be much more attainable in the future.


A great resource to use for educating youth about finances is with a mobile gaming app. This is a tool that can be enjoyable and engaging for younger audiences, while still being informative. MSUFCU offers a variety of youth gaming apps that cater to multiple age ranges. These include Island Saver, DreamRacer, Saving Draggy, Saving Magic, and Saving with Piggy. For more information on these youth gaming apps, visit


Young Adult

There are many new financial avenues and opportunities to navigate as a young adult. Whether that be putting a down payment on your first vehicle, saving for your future, building a budget, or managing debt, there are many ways to educate yourself and become more confident in handling your finances.


One option to educate yourself is by attending financial seminars. Listening to seminars is a great way to learn about topics you’re unfamiliar with and helps ensure your finances are in line with your goals. MSUFCU’s Financial 4.0 provides multiple financial education sessions as well as blogs, quizzes and more. These cover a variety of financial topics and are free of charge. To register or get more information, visit



Your money management skills tend to strengthen with time and experience, but there will always be room for improvement. For example, checking that your finances are on track to meeting your goals is always important, especially as retirement nears.


Thankfully, there are tools and resources to help you along the way. Two great options that MSUFCU offers are financial planning services and calculators. These resources can help you plan out the years ahead of you, including future savings plans, retirement, insurance, and more. Find more information about the Credit Union’s financial planning tools at



If you are nearing or enjoying retirement, financial education isn’t any less important. Financial tools are ever-changing and there are still many situations that you’ll encounter.


You worked hard to save your money. In order to protect it, look into MSUFCU’s Fraud Prevention Blog Series. There, we discuss new tools to enhance your security, red flags to watch out for, and ways to proactively defend yourself against fraud or scams.


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