Pay for What You Need: Personal Loans vs. Credit Cards

When it’s time to pay for a trip or an appliance like your dryer breaks unexpectedly, you might want to finance instead of paying in cash. Maybe you don't have all the cash on hand or you don't want to deplete your savings. After you've decided to finance your purchase, how do you know if it’s better to use a personal loan or a credit card? Make your decision based on your financial habits and be sure to consider the interest rate!

Become an MSUFCU Intern

Did you know MSUFCU has internships? Not just in accounting, either! There are many opportunities for different majors.

Fun Things to Do in Lansing in October

Kids have been back to school for a month, college students have settled into the fall semester, and fall is in full swing. Check out these fun fall harvest and Halloween activities for every age this month in Lansing.