Budget-Friendly Winter Activities to Entertain Kids at Home

December 22, 2022

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep kids entertained at home during winter break. If you find yourself in need of some fresh ideas, here are five budget-friendly winter activities to get you started.



1.     Enjoy Unique Outdoor Activities

The best activity this time of year is enjoying the winter weather while it lasts! Simply by going outside, kids can build a snowman, design a snow fort, go sledding, have a friendly snowball fight, and so much more!


Don’t have snow outside? No problem! There are still plenty of ways to get creative outdoors. For example, setting up an obstacle course or building a bonfire can lead to memorable winter fun with family or friends.


2.     Volunteer With Your Kids

Volunteering is not only a great way to occupy kids during the winter time, but also to instill the importance of giving back in your local community. During the holidays, there are many opportunities to get involved and make a difference. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-       Sign up to visit and volunteer at a local shelter or food bank

-       Join a toy, clothes, or canned food drive

-       Make homemade holiday cards for nursing home residents

-       Bake cookies for first responders


3.     Spend Time in the Kitchen

There is always fun to be had in the kitchen, from making baked goods and decorating treats to testing out a new dinner recipe. If you enjoy holiday baking, one unique idea to try this winter break might be doubling your cookie decorating as a neighborly gift. Have your kids help package up some of the cookies you baked together and add a custom note to give to family, friends, or neighbors for the holidays. You can even make a trip together to hand deliver each box of cookies!


4.     Get Crafty

The holiday season is full of unique craft projects to try at home. To make crafting even more memorable for kids, have them turn their crafts into holiday decorations. For example, cut out paper snowflakes to hang above their beds or make DIY tree ornaments that you can use over the years.


In need of craft supplies? Take inventory at home first. You might be surprised with how creative you can get with everyday items. Local dollar stores and thrift shops are also great alternatives for finding craft supplies at a cheaper price.


5.     Search for the Best-Lit House

Finally, take a long drive to look at all the holiday lights in your neighborhood or community. This is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and get your family out of the house. To take it a step further, you could even turn your drive into a friendly competition and decide on the best-lit house at the end of your adventure.

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