Fraud Prevention Series: Keep Your Financial Accounts Secure with These Tools

January 17, 2024

It’s no secret that fraud is on the rise as scams designed to steal your sensitive information become more sophisticated. While shopping in-store and online, it’s important to protect yourself and your money. Take a look at these tools to help keep your financial accounts secure.



Take advantage of credit card controls.

Check to see if your credit card issuer offers tools such as Card Lock, which allows you to lock and unlock your credit or debit card using a mobile app. This feature may come in handy should you ever misplace your card or notice suspicious transactions. Without having to call or visit a branch, you can act quickly to keep your credit or debit card secure.


Enroll in account alerts and notifications.

Monitoring your account transactions regularly is a quick, easy way to catch and report any suspicious or unauthorized activity. Check to see if your financial institution offers email or text notifications that you can enroll in, like eAlerts, to receive updates regarding your daily balances, transactions, when a check has been cashed, etc. to help you monitor for fraud.


Double up on security with two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication can help keep your financial accounts more secure by adding an extra layer of protection beyond just your username and password. A common example of two-factor authentication is entering your login information, then receiving a push notification – such as an automated phone or text message – to your phone with a unique code to verify that it’s really you before accessing your account.


Wherever you are, a mobile app allows you to have secure access and control of your financial accounts at your fingertips. MSUFCU offers a robust mobile app free to members. For more information, click here.


Reminder: MSU Federal Credit Union will never call you asking for personal or sensitive information. Please notify us if you receive a suspicious call, email, or text message from someone claiming to be from MSUFCU. To learn more about signs of fraud, visit

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