DreamBig Campaign: Empowering Business Partnerships for Growth

December 5, 2023

Dreams are the fuel that drives entrepreneurs to take risks, overcome challenges, and build something meaningful. MSUFCU understands the power of these dreams and has partnered with businesses like McMillen Custom Framing, Saddleback BBQ, and Open Arms Link to help them turn their aspirations into reality.

McMillen Custom Framing: A Journey of Artistry and Entrepreneurship
Todd McMillen, owner of McMillen Custom Framing located in downtown Traverse City, found an unexpected partner in MSUFCU when our branch opened next door. His relationship with MSUFCU wasn't just transactional; it was about having a neighbor and a financial ally who understood the value of personal connections.

What makes the partnership even more special for McMillen is MSUFCU's commitment to supporting the arts and the community. As a business deeply entrenched in the local art scene, McMillen appreciates MSUFCU's active role in sponsoring art fairs, supporting public artworks, and contributing to the cultural fabric of Traverse City.

Saddleback BBQ: Synergy is the Secret Sauce
When owners Travis Gallagher and Matthew Gillett joined forces almost a decade ago to bring Saddleback BBQ to life in Lansing, they chose MSUFCU as their financial partner. Over the years, MSUFCU has provided invaluable support through various business products and services, including checking and savings accounts, credit card services, and a line of credit.

When it came time to expand, Gallagher emphasized the need for effective systems and processes, a feat made achievable with the support of MSUFCU. The Credit Union's responsiveness and assistance enabled Saddleback BBQ to manage growth effectively and maintain its commitment to quality.

Open Arms Link: Making Dreams Come True with Compassion
Open Arms Link, owned by Simba and Duma - both originally from Zimbabwe - is a testament to the impact of dreaming big with the support of MSUFCU. Simba, originally from Zimbabwe, started his career as a school principal. His passion for helping individuals with developmental disabilities led him to start Open Arms Link, a space where people with developmental disabilities could exercise their right to make choices, contribute to the community, and live fulfilling lives.

One crucial factor in Open Arms Link's success has been Simba’s partnership with MSUFCU. The Credit Union has been instrumental in providing financial solutions, including loans for handicapped vans essential for transporting residents to appointments and outings. MSUFCU's diverse range of products and services, from payroll assistance to banking needs, has played a pivotal role in supporting Open Arms Link's day-to-day operations and growth.

For more information on how MSUFCU can help you achieve your business dreams, visit msufcu.org/business.

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