The Most Common Credit Score Myths

For something as key to your financial well-being as your credit score, it’s important to know which factors affect your score and how to improve it. There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation floating around about how to build up your credit score. Read on to learn more and debunk some myths surrounding your credit score.

Savings Accounts vs. Certificates

With all the savings options that are out there, from basic accounts to longer-term Certificates, it might seem daunting when you try to choose the best place to put your money.

It all depends on your goals. Are you saving for the short-term – say a few weeks or months – or are you looking longer term as you build your financial future? A closer look at traditional savings accounts and Certificates can help you decide which savings path is best for you.

Your Checklist for Financial Independence

Whether you’re planning to start college soon or in a couple years, it’s never too early to begin building strong money management habits. Taking control of your finances now will help you create a bright financial future long after graduation. Use this checklist as your roadmap toward financial independence.