Fraud Prevention Series: Keep Your Financial Accounts Secure with These Tools

It’s no secret that fraud is on the rise as scams designed to steal your sensitive information become more sophisticated. While shopping in-store and online, it’s important to protect yourself and your money. Take a look at these tools to help keep your financial accounts secure.

Financial Conversations to Have with Your Partner

When you are planning a future with your partner, many different factors come into play in the equation. But, ask yourselves this, are you having a dialogue about financial matters too?

Apps to Help You Save – Presented by The Lab at MSUFCU

In today’s digital age, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find tools to help you reach your financial goals, from building an emergency fund to saving for your next vehicle. The Lab at MSUFCU allows you to explore trustworthy financial wellness apps and find what works best for you. Here are two apps to help you save.