“The Peckham Art from the Heart event is one of my favorites. It warms my heart to see the overwhelming support from our community. The employees of Peckham, who create the artwork, are ecstatic to have their artwork showcased and guests are amazed by the beauty and inspiration of the art. I am thankful to be a part of such a wholesome event. ”— Arianna, MSUFCU employee
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Published: Apr 9, 2019

MSUFCU's Reality Fair Brings Taste of Reality for Local High School Students Real preparation for real life

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The reality of daily money management is something many of us have had to experience the hard way. As young adults we did not learn this in school and many students continue to not receive that education. That’s why MSUFCU hosts an event that helps local high school students prepare for what the future may look like.

Every Spring an event is held at Lansing Sexton High School where we hold three Reality Fair sessions in one day. Each Lansing high school is invited at separate times, and the students are assigned a career based on the pathway that their school follows. The Lansing Promise Pathway focuses on Visual and Preforming arts, New Tech, International Baccalaureate, Science, Technology, Math, Engineering, Skilled trades, Manufacturing, Finance, and Language immersion. All schools have an area of focus so when assigning careers for each student we try to align them with the pathway in that specific high school.

Along with the career, each student is given an annual salary with taxes and insurance taken out. In order to make it as real as possible, we even give them student loan debt according to the careers that they have received. This helps show the real life expenses that could occur after college.

Once students are assigned a career, they then have to make real life choices. Where they will live, what they will drive, what type of furniture with they have, and where will they shop. Once decisions are made, we then will have each student meet with an MSUFCU employee and who will look to see if they have stayed within budget. During this time, they will counsel each student about decisions made and discuss how in real life these decisions will have to be made every day.


It is not always easy to tell young adults that they will have ups in downs in life, but this event helps show them a little piece of what it could be like. The excitement and popularity of this event has grown each year, and this year we are excited to bring the event to Charlotte High School.