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Swift Code: MSUCUS44
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MSUFCU Certificates earn higher, fixed dividends while still receiving up to $250,000 in NCUA insurance on your funds.

• No monthly or maintenance fees
• Open a Certificate with as little as $50 for a 1-Year Add-On Certificate or $500 for all other terms
•Flexible terms to suit your savings needs
•Funds are insured for at least $250,000 by the NCUA

1-Year Add-On Certificate
1-Year Add-On Certificate may be opened with as little as $50 and allow you to add funds at your convenience. A single member may add up to $10,000 total to the sum of all 1-Year Add-On Certificates per year. For example, if a member had five (5) 1-Year Add-On Certificates, any combination of amounts up to $10,000 could be added to each certificate, but the total additions to all certificates must not exceed $10,000 per member, per year.

How to Open
Login to ComputerLine, select Manage from the top menu, and click Add a Certificate under the Create or Modify Accounts section.

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Easy peasy
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Simple and accessible investment
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Seeing a few more cents per month seems small at first, but using the move money feature in the MSUFCU app, plus an automatic deposit each month, has added to my interest payments. This is a good way to start investing with the flexibility to continue to grow further by making unscheduled deposits.
This APP
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This app is awesome!!!!!!
One-Year Add-On
5 stars out of 5
I have been using this certificate for nearly as long as they have offered it. I started it in March, and use it to pay my taxes on the years I owe. When I don't owe, I roll over all but the interest. It's worked out so well, I told my family and friends to try it! Great way to hold on to money when you can't just take it out any time.
Certificate rates are fixed for the term of the Certificate at the time the Certificate is opened. Additional deposits may not be made to Certificates other than the 1-Year Add-On Certificate. Up to a total of $10,000 may be added to a member's 1-Year Add-On Certificate(s) each year. However, regardless of the number of 1-Year Add-On Certificates a member may hold, the total of all funds added to the 1-Year Add-On Certificate(s) cannot exceed $10,000 per member, per year. Additional deposits do not change the Certificate's maturity date or rate. The earnings assume that the funds remain on deposit for the term of the Certificate and are compounded monthly.

Early withdrawal penalties:

Terms of one year or less: Penalty is equal to 90 days dividends, based on amount withdrawn.

Terms of more than one year: Penalty is equal to 180 days dividends, based on amount withdrawn. If the dividend is not sufficient to cover the penalty, the principal amount will be reduced to cover the penalty. Early withdrawal penalties will not be charged in cases of withdrawal due to disability or after death of an owner of the Certificate.

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