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Branch Services

Our branches offer a variety of services including account opening, loan applications, and coin machines to sort and count your change. We can provide notary services, order international currency, print cashier checks and money orders, and also replace your MSUFCU lost or stolen Visa card in minutes.
Card and Check Printing
If your ATM, debit, or credit card has been lost, stolen or damaged, stop by to have a new card issued to you in just minutes. We can also quickly print temporary/starter checks, cashier's checks, or money orders at the branch.
Notary and Signature Guarantee
MSUFCU provides free notary services and signature guarantees to our members at each branch.
Coin Machines Available
If you've been saving up your pennies (or other US coins) for a rainy day, the coin machine in our branch easily sorts and counts your change for you. Plus, there's no fee for MSUFCU members!
Get in Line Before You Arrive

Allows you to put yourself in line at any branch location from the comfort of your home. The feature is designed for members planning to visit a branch within 30 minutes or so.

To save your spot in line, visit the Contact Us section in the MSUFCU Mobile app.

Video Tellers

Video Tellers combine the functionality of an ATM with the personalized service of our Financial Service Representatives -- all from the convenience of your vehicle.

Video Tellers can do transfers, loan payments, cash deposits, check deposits, cash withdrawals, account inquiries and much more!

Learn more about Video Tellers here.

Visa Gift Cards

Give the gift everyone will love: an MSUFCU Visa Gift Card! Visa Gift Cards are the perfect gift for any occasion, because you decide the amounts and let the gift card recipients purchase exactly what they want.

Available in five styles, and in amounts from $25 to $1,000. Purchase your Visa Gift Card at any of our branches.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit Boxes offer a secure place to store your important documents or valuables, keeping them safe from misplacement, fire, or theft.

Safe deposit boxes are only available at our Headquarters, Auburn Hills Regional Office, and US-31 Traverse City branches. Visit the Headquarters Branch or US-31 Traverse City Branch to reserve your Safe Deposit Box. Call 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968 to check the availability of specific sizes. Available space is limited and boxes are offered on a first-come, first serve basis.

Sizes and Annual Rates:
3x5x24= $30.00
3x10x24= $40.00
5x10x24= $60.00
10x10x24= $120.00
International Currency
Traveling abroad? Have international currency on hand before you arrive at your destination! MSUFCU members can order international currency at any of our branch locations or through our Call Center for a flat $20 fee.

Currency can be shipped directly to your US home address or to an MSUFCU branch. Order your currency before 2:00 p.m., and the following currency types will arrive the next day:

• Australian Dollar
• Canadian Dollar
• English Pounds
• Euros
• Hong Kong Dollar
• Japanese Yen
• Swedish Kroner
• Swiss Franc

Why do I need to sign in for an employee to assist me?
Signing in at the kiosk helps us get you to the employee that can best meet your requested needs. When you sign in, it also allows the employee assisting you to pull up your account quicker.
Why can't I call a branch directly?
Our call center receives all calls and they are able to handle a very wide variety of requests. They are trained to resolve issues or answer questions over the phone and will likely be able to take care of your needs quicker than getting ahold of a branch employee.
Are your branches shared branches?
MSUFCU branches are not shared branches for other credit unions. MSUFCU members, can however, complete some transactions at shared branches, service centers, or co-op ATMs which can be found on our Locations page.

Shared Branches can typically assist MSUFCU members with the following services:

• Deposits
• Withdrawals
• Transfers
• Check Cashing
• Check Withdrawals (Cashier's Checks)
• Loan Payments
• Advances on Lines-of-Credit
• Balance Inquiries
• Transaction Inquiries

Please note that each Shared Branch may have their own restrictions on what they can assist with. Please contact the Shared Branch that you are planning to visit to confirm services.
Do you have a mortgage officer available?
At this point, you are able to schedule an appointment at our branch location to meet with a mortgage officer. They are available to assist with many requests on-line or by phone.
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