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Totally Green Checking
Totally Green Checking
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
Forms and Applications
New Accounts
Open an MSUFCU account
Form and steps to switch your Checking account to MSUFCU
Conservator Account Application
Open an account for use in making gifts to minors under the Michigan Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
Estate Account Application
International Account Application
Open a Registered Student Organization account
Representative Payee Account Application
Open a trust account
Youth Account Application
Personal Information
Form for Requests under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018
W-9 Form
Form to change your name
W-8BEN Form
Account Maintenance
Set up an ACH
Remove a joint part(ies) from your joint MSUFCU account
Add a beneficiary to your MSUFCU account
Domestic Wire Form
International Wire Form
IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution
Send funds to MSUFCU via U.S. mail
Add a power of attorney (POA) to your MSUFCU account
Remove a power of attorney (POA) from your MSUFCU account
Report unauthorized charges to your Visa Credit Card or Debit Card
Affidavit of Beneficiary Accepting Designated Funds
Notify us if you believe your Social Security number or other sensitive personal information has has been stolen
Authorize a multiple payee check in the amount of $5,000 or more
Statement of unauthorized transactions
Loans & Visa Credit Cards
Obtain a new vehicle title, a replacement title, or to list lienholders, such as MSUFCU, when the vehicle is secured by a loan.
Visa Application (Printable)
Apply for a Multi-Featured Loan
Set up Skip-A-Pay
Subordination request
Business Accounts
Application to Open a Business Account
Business Account ComputerLine Multi-User Access Authorization
Business Account Resolution Form
Business Loan Application
Business Platinum Resource Visa Application
Visa Debit Card for Business - Authorized User Application
Domestic Wire Form
International Wire Form
Personal Financial Statement
Positive Pay Application
startUP Loan Application