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Published: Feb 22, 2018

MSU Students Create New Technology at 36-hour Programming Marathon: SpartaHack

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MSUFCU proudly sponsored MSU’s 4th Annual student-run hackathon, SpartaHack, from January 19 – 21, 2018. SpartaHack is a weekend long competition, bringing more than 500 students together to connect with peers and professionals in the tech industry from MSU and across the country. Students competed individually or in teams to create a new technology, winning awards and prizes for various categories.


Among many of the awards, MSUFCU sponsored the “Voice of the Community” award, recognizing the team that created the biggest community impact. This year, that award went to the ECOSpan team, who built a mobile app that creates a decentralized mobile network which allows individuals with the app to communicate with each other without cell service or a WiFi network. This team was inspired to create an app that would help those affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires that do not have the means to effective mobile communication.


ECOSpan also created a program in the app that incentivized garbage pickup by giving points to users that picked up trash and took pictures of themselves doing so. To create a domino effect of garbage pickup, the app also gave points to nearby users who also shared pictures of picking up trashing. The incentive program would be funded by donations and advertisements. To learn more about this award-winning project, click here.


MSUFCU is a proud sponsor of SpartaHack.