“When the kids visit, they are experiencing a vibrant environment where they can have fun, ask questions, and interact with Credit Union employees. This helps kids feel more at ease later when talking about their finances or using their accounts. Similarly, we are creating a trusting environment for parents. Kids can have fun with finances, and we are happy to show that to them.”— Lisa, Credit Union Employee
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2018 Student Welcome

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Published: Sep 25, 2018

MSUFCU Welcomes Spartans Back to Campus

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The 2018-2019 school year is in full swing and once again the Credit Union is here for all new and returning MSU students. With an influx of students comes an opportunity for the Credit Union to help provide the next generation of Spartans with the knowledge and resources to have successful financial futures. 


Student Welcome is an exciting time during which many new students move onto campus and experience college life for the first time. Credit Union employees attended many events on both campuses to meet new students and share with them how we help them financially during their college years and beyond.


Throughout August and September, Credit Union employees spent time on MSU’s campus opening new accounts, providing financial tips, and handing out MSU gear at various campus events. During the weekend of August 24–26, students and their families had the opportunity to participate in fun activities and games, such as spinning the prize wheel outside of our East Lansing and MSU Union branches.


Students make up a large part of our membership and are important to the communities we serve. Since they are also responsible for much of the Credit Union’s member growth, it is our mission to provide them with superior service to help them succeed financially and reach their goals and dreams.