“I worked at the prize wheel and no matter how big or small the prize each child won, there was always a smile on his or her face. It's exciting to see how events like Kids'Day helps us strengthen our relationships with our youth members and community.”— Jarrod, Credit Union employee
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MSUFCU Supports Lansing Promise

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Published: Feb 8, 2018

Transforming College Dreams into a Reality MSUFCU Helps Build Students' Dreams with Lansing Promise

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For many, high school graduation marks the ascent from adolescence to adulthood. It seems that the world is unfolding into paths paved with possibility. As soon-to-be grads begin to spread their wings, they also begin to worry about the cost of a secondary education. According to The Princeton Review’s 2017 College Hopes & Worries survey, the largest concern among parent and student respondents was the anticipated level of debt. While financial concerns may chip away at the dream of a college education, a local foundation, Lansing Promise, is dedicating itself to helping make college a reality for hundreds of students. The Credit Union is proud to help support the dreams of local students through sponsorship. 


Since 2012, Lansing Promise has provided students from Lansing School District with scholarships to secondary education programs at Lansing Community College, Michigan State University, and Olivet College. The foundation extends itself beyond education by partnering with community leaders to connect scholars with mentorship and internship opportunities. In doing so, Lansing Promise instills confidence in it’s scholars and provides them the resources needed to succeed. To date, more than 750 scholars have enrolled in Lansing Promise’s partner schools. 120 students have earned a degree, certificate or have successfully transferred to a four-year institution.  


Promise graduates have transformed their dreams into a reality. Many now serve in roles in which they once imagined. Taylor, a former Promise Scholar, now works as a social worker and serves hundreds of families each year. James, another Promise alum, credits the foundation with giving him the tools and resources to pursue an undergraduate and doctorate degree. For these students, Lansing Promise not only removed financial barriers, it propelled them in the direction of their dreams.  


To continue to support students in their pursuit of higher education, the foundation relies on support from community partners. The Credit Union is a strong supporter of Lansing Promise and believes that by learning and growing as individuals, we help develop and further our community as a whole. On January 18, 2018, we announced a $100,000 donation to Lansing Promise. We believe that together, we can build a vibrant community where each community member can achieve his or her dreams. To learn more about Lansing Promise, please click here.