“Participating in the RivALZ game is a great opportunity to raise awareness and money for a worthy cause while getting the chance to beat up on that other school. The competitive energy creates a fun environment and incentive to out play and out fundraise the other team, while in the end, we’re all working toward the same goal.”— Chad, Credit Union employee
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MSUFCU Employees Sprint into 2019

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Published: Jul 22, 2019

MSU Federal Credit Union Employees Sprint into 2019 Making Each Step Count

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MSU Federal Credit Union and its employees start 2019 off on the right foot by sponsoring and participating in local charity races. The Credit Union strives to support local non-profit organizations through a variety of avenues, including sponsoring employees interested in participating in local races. MSUFCU also aims to cultivate an atmosphere of physical and mental wellness through its CU Healthy initiative, an internal program that provides incentives to lead a healthier lifestyle.


From January through June, CU Healthy sponsored 159 employees to participate in 14 local non-profit races throughout greater Lansing, Grand Rapids, and metro Detroit. Each sponsored organization raises funds for a specific need in the community, ranging from mental health awareness to assisting local animal shelters. Supporting a wide variety of organizations ensures every employee can support a cause they are passionate about.


The first sponsored race took place on February 10called the Heart Throb 5K. The Heart Throb 5K is an event endorsed by the 2019 Michigan Fitness Foundation Challenge, which seeks to promote the health and wellness of Michiganders; a goal that aligns well with the Credit Union. Another holiday themed race, the Spectrum Health Irish Jig, occurred on March 16 and sought to raise awareness of colorectal cancer. Employees also had the opportunity to run in the 1st annual Izzo Legacy 5K on April 13.


Additional sponsored races employees competed in were Run for the House, Race for the Place 5K, I Ran the D, Grand Rapids Kidney Walk, More Than Pink Walk, MOM Race, Mutt Strut Walk & 5K Run, Stomp Out Stigma 5K Walk for Mental Health, Woofer Walk & 5K, and Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo. Employees wrapped up the first half of 2019 at the Greater Lansing Kidney Walk finish line.


There is no better way to cultivate health and wellness, while simultaneously giving back to the community and sponsoring charitable races.