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MSUFCU Donates $15,000 to Aitch Foundation Cancer Research

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Published: Jun 19, 2018

MSUFCU Supports Aitch Foundation Cancer Research with $15,000 Fellowship Donation

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Fighting cancer is always in fashion. On May 17, The Aitch Foundation hosted its eighth annual Hidden Key Fashion Show to help raise funds and awareness for early detection of hidden cancers. MSUFCU was proud to support this event through sponsorship and volunteering.


Since 2011, the Aitch Foundation has dedicated itself to changing lives through the advancement of cancer research while generating community involvement through sports and fashion-related events. During the Hidden Key Fashion Show, attendees had the chance to see MSU coaches, former athletes, and community members grace the runway alongside cancer survivors. The funds raised from the fashion show will help fund research for early cancer detection.


Also at the event, three fellowships were awarded to MSU scholars. They each received $15,000 grants, matched by MSU Advancement for a total of $30,000 to go toward their research. The fellows honored at this year’s fashion show were:


Di Zhang

MSUFCU Aitch Fellow

Di’s research focuses on improving the effectiveness and reducing the side effects of innovative new drugs by targeting the tumors. More specifically, using a novel drug delivery system of nanoparticles. Also, by developing better drugs through modifying the structure and enhancing efficacy and reducing toxicity by developing drug combinations.


Hunter McFall-Boegeman

Joe D. Pentecost Foundation Aitch Fellow

Hunter’s research focuses on how to retrain the immune system to recognize and kill cancerous cells by developing a bacteriophage Qβ based anti-cancer vaccine platform. The bacteriophage Qβ is a virus-like particle that has been shown by the Huang group to be an excellent carrier platform for eliciting antibodies against tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens to fight cancer.


Martin Ogrodzinski

Joe D. Pentecost Foundation Aitch Fellow

Martin’s research focuses on improving our understanding of subtype-specific breast cancer metabolism, which has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes by targeting specific metabolic weaknesses while reducing unnecessary side effects. Identifying new therapeutic targets will give doctors better, personalized tools to help patients with the deadly disease.


MSUFCU is proud to support The Aitch Foundation each year as they improve the community through their vision to make change in people’s lives through access, funding, entertainment, creativity, innovation and love.