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Safeguarding Your Financial Dreams
MSUFCU is here to help when those unexpected moments happen so you can spend less time worrying. Our Overdraft Protection options and tools can help you manage your finances and track your spending.
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Charges
At MSUFCU, there are no NSF fees. If we don't pay a transaction due to overdraft, it will be declined or returned not paid. We don't charge fees for declined or returned transactions.
Our Overdraft Transfer service allows you to link your checking or savings share to another account or line of credit, automatically transferring your own money to cover transactions exceeding the balance in the share it is being withdrawn from.
Courtesy Pay and Courtesy
Pay for Debit
If Overdraft Transfers aren't set up, or if there are not enough funds available to pay your transaction, Courtesy Pay kicks in. Courtesy Pay is an optional service that pays your transactions when you do not have enough available money in your account. There is a $30 Daily Usage Fee any day you use your Courtesy Pay Limit.
Instant Cash
Cover unexpected expenses using the Instant Cash Line-of-Credit. Just transfer the funds you need, in $100 increments, up to your credit limit, to cover the expenses.
eAlerts and
eAlerts are a free service where you can receive texts, push, or email alerts regarding changes, updates, or inquires about your account. Keep up to date on your daily balances, larger transactions and more. eAlerts and eNotices are fully customizable so you get the information that is most important to you.
If you happen to overdraw your account by $50 or less, and you've already added Courtesy Pay/Courtesy Pay for Debit to your account, you won't be charged the Courtesy Pay.
Additional Coverage for Peace of Mind
When you open an MSUFCU checking account, we give you options to manage your account your way. If you use your Debit Card, perform an ACH transfer, or write a check and the funds are not available to cover the transaction, we check to see if you have Overdraft Protection options in place.

Overdraft Transfers:

The Credit Union will automatically pull funds in increments of $100 from shares or lines-of-credit that you have designated for overdraft transfers.

Overdraft Transfers can be set up from any share account, an Instant Cash Line-of-Credit, a Visa Line-of-Credit, or any combination of those you choose.

For example, if you have set up Overdraft Transfers and do not have enough funds in your checking account to cover a check withdrawal, but there are funds available in your savings share account, the Credit Union will automatically transfer funds to cover the check withdrawal.

Courtesy Pay:

If Overdraft Transfers can't cover it, Courtesy Pay is available. With Courtesy Pay, MSUFCU will cover charges when you overdraw your account, taking your account negative. If opted into this service and need to use it, you can overdraw by up to $50 for free with Balance Shield.

After Balance Shield, there is a $30 charge for each day that you use Courtesy Pay to cover your transactions. The amount of Courtesy Pay available is determined by your account activity.

To read all the Courtesy Pay details, click here.

Non-Sufficient Funds:

If you have not set up these options or they are exhausted, transactions will decline or be returned unpaid, but MSUFCU doesn't charge non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees.

eAlerts and eNotices are customizable account notifications that help you stay on top of your finances to avoid an NSF.

Contact us to learn more about which options may be best for you.
When does Overdraft Protection kick in?
Overdraft protection activates when a processing transaction is greater than the available balance in the associated share.
What transactions will Overdraft Protection cover?
Should sufficient funds be available, Overdraft Protection will be available to transfer funds to cover all transactions.
Is there a limit to Overdraft Protection?
Funds are transferred in increments of $100 when a transaction is initiated. If unavailable, the full available balance is transferred.
Can loans be set up as Overdraft Protection?
Yes, lines of credit are able to be setup to cover overdrafts or non-sufficient funds.
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