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What's the Difference Between a Compromised Card and Data Breach?
A credit or debit card becomes compromised when the card processing mechanism is compromised. This may be due to skimmers, fraudsters guessing or using mathematical systems to identify a card number or through a third party data breach at a point of sale terminal. A compromised card does not mean that the fraudsters have any personal information about the card holder, but rather that they were able to identify a card number and were able to use it for fraudulent activity.

A data breach is an unauthorized intrusion on our network. MSUFCU is dedicated to providing the highest caliber of security and data protection to our members and employees. We diligently monitor and test our systems and processes for potential threats. We are focused on our goal: protect sensitive information and minimize disruption to members.

If you have any questions or if your card has been lost/stolen, compromised or has fraudulent charges please contact the Credit Union. You can contact us or call us after hours at 888-393-1172 and select "Report Your Card Lost or Stolen" from the menu options to start the process.
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