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Totally Green Checking
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If I am approved, how do I pay the dealership?
Upon approval of an auto loan with MSUFCU, and after receiving your signed MFLA form and any loan contingencies are met, you may choose a ReadyLoan Check which is a blank check you are able to complete to purchase your vehicle, or a cashier's check. Please note a cashier's check is required for auto loan refinances or if the vehicle currently has a lien placement. If you prefer a cashier's check, we will ask for the following information at that time:

• Vehicle identification number (VIN)
• Year, make, model and color of vehicle
• Current mileage
• Any additional special features the vehicle may have
• Dealership or seller's name and phone number

You will be able to provide the check type of your choosing to the dealership, or private seller, for the purchase of your vehicle.

(Please note, some dealerships are not currently accepting MSUFCU ReadyLoan Checks at this time. Please contact the dealership to confirm.)
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