Phishing attempts are on the rise. Learn how to protect your account.

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Security News

Text Message Scams
Please be aware that text message scams, or "smishing", are on the rise. Fraudsters are texting claiming to be from MSUFCU asking you to verify an unauthorized transaction, holds on your account, or that your account may be frozen. We do not contact members in this way for sensitive information.

What Happens if I Receive a Smishing Text?

While we are not able to prevent third party texts such as these, we would recommend blocking the sender so you do not receive any further contacts from this source. Do not click on any links that are sent in these messages or give out any personal information such as a credit/debit card number, PIN, username, and/or password to online financial accounts, and a secure one-time access code.

MSUFCU will never ask for your PIN, an access code, or other sensitive financial information to verify your identity. If any account or secure information was provided in response to this message, we recommend updating your username and password right away. Within the MSUFCU Mobile app this can be done by selecting My Profile from the menu then Username/Password and from ComputerLine by selecting My Profile then Security Settings.

If you receive a suspicious call, text, or email from someone claiming to be from MSUFCU, please notify us immediately.

Tips for Keeping Your Account Safe

While MSUFCU works to ensure your account is safe 24/7, there are also ways you can help make sure your financial information is protected.

Create a strong username and password: Make sure your account username and password are unique to you, difficult for someone else to guess, and not used for other accounts. Update your password regularly.

Don't provide your information to others via phone: Unless you have initiated the connection, do not provide your financial information over the phone or online.

Utilize safety features from MSUFCU: MSUFCU CVVkey™ sets up two-factor identification for all online purchases using your MSUFCU Visa Credit Card, helping keep you safe online. You can also setup verification codes to add an extra layer of protection when logging in to the MSUFCU Mobile app or ComputerLine.

For more security tips, visit our Security Center.

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