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Visa Benefits
Being a member of MSU Federal Credit Union comes with its own advantages, but when you have a MSUFCU Visa Credit Card you're doubling your benefits. Everything from cash back, and low rates, to roadside dispatch your MSUFCU Visa Credit Card has you covered.

Visa Benefits and Tools include:
• Rates to fit any budget
• $0 fraud liability
• Exclusive Shipt discount
• Early access to tickets for concerts and live shows through Sofar Sounds
Free credit score
Auto Rental Collision Damage Protection
Roadside Dispatch
Travel Emergency Assistance Services
Travel Accident Insurance
ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock
• Add your cards to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Visa Checkout

View all MSUFCU Visa Credit Card options
MSUFCU CVVkey™ allows you to securely enroll your Visa Credit Card to receive new and unique CVV2 codes to use while shopping online or over the phone.
Card Lock
Allows you to lock and unlock your Visa card from ComputerLine® or the MSUFCU Mobile app.
Fraud Management
If card activity outside of your normal spending pattern takes place, Visa Fraud Alert Management will call to verify the charges.
Travel Info
Notify MSUFCU before you travel. This helps us protect you from fraudulent activity and will prevent your card(s) from being blocked in error.
Instant Card Replacement
If your credit card has been lost, stolen or damaged, stop by to have a new card issued to you in just minutes. Plus, we have a variety of card styles to choose from.
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Instant Card Replacement
If your credit card has been lost, stolen or damaged, stop by to have a new card issued to you in just minutes. Plus, we have a variety of card styles to choose from.
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What is the exclusive Shipt discount?
With your MSUFCU Visa Platinum, Platinum Plus, and Visa Signature card, you can receive an exclusive discount with Shipt which includes:

Visa Platinum and Platinum Plus
• New Shipt Everyday Members - One-month complimentary membership, followed by 50% off for three months ($25 value)
• Existing Shipt Everyday Members - Additional three-month complimentary membership ($30 value)

Visa Signature
• New Shipt Everyday Members - Three-month complimentary membership, followed by 50% off for nine months ($75 value)
• Existing Shipt Everyday Members - Additional six-month complimentary membership ($60 value)
How do I increase my Visa credit limit?
Increases to your Visa credit limit may be requested at any of our branch locations, by phone at 800-678-4968 or 517-333-2424, or by using the Apply For a Loan option located in ComputerLine®. Please note that Visa increase applications are not currently available within the mobile app.
What card styles can I choose from?
View a list of our current credit, debit, and ATM card styles available here.

Please note that some card styles are only available by mail and not available in the branch.
Can I stop a payment on a Visa card?
If a purchase was made using a Visa Debit or Visa Credit Card, and the charge is valid and was authorized when your card number was given to the merchant, the payment is not considered fraudulent, and is unfortunately not able to be simply removed or stopped without first disputing the charge. We would recommend reaching out to the merchant to inquire about canceling any purchases or authorizations. If they are not able to help we can attempt to dispute the purchase on your behalf. If there are fraudulent purchases on your card, please contact us immediately.
How do I update my PIN?
You can update your PIN for a debit, ATM, or credit card in the Card Controls section of the share or loan in ComputerLine® or the MSUFCU Mobile app. Once updated, the new PIN is effective immediately.

Card Controls can be found by clicking the (+) icon next to the account your debit, credit or ATM card is associated with.

MSUFCU Mobile app
Card Controls can be found directly above the recent transaction history after selecting an account or loan. To access your Card Controls, click inside the white space next to the share associated with your debit, credit, or ATM card.

If you have additional questions about performing a PIN Reset or are unable to do so in ComputerLine® or the mobile app, please contact us.
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