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MSUFCU is Coming to Chicago!
We are excited to announce our expansion to Chicago, with five new branch locations opening in 2024!

The new branches will be located in the Lincoln Park, Old Town, Gold Coast, Lakeview, and Wicker Park neighborhoods, giving us the opportunity to enhance our service and provide greater product access to existing members in Chicago.

Branch Locations:

2500 N. Halsted St.
1550 N. Clark St.
101 W. Division St.
2727 N. Lincoln Ave.
2234 W. North Ave.

What's Next?

We look forward to serving our current and future members in the Chicago area. We will continue to provide updates to this page as plans progress.
Why is MSUFCU opening branches in Chicago?
We currently have 2,500 existing MSUFCU members that live in Chicago and opening branches near them will allow us to provide them with face-to-face support needed for more complex financial situations, and further support their financial needs.

By establishing branches in Chicago, MSUFCU can also provide new potential members with increased access to a wide range of financial services, such as savings accounts, loans, mortgages, and investment options. This expansion would ensure that the community has convenient and affordable banking options, promoting financial inclusion and stability.

Increasing financial access and quality of service to our members is part of our mission. The opportunity to expand and improve our quality of service for our existing members and potential members in Chicago is important to us and we believe it strengthens our Credit Union as a whole, helping to fulfill our mission of helping individuals achieve their financial goals and dreams.
How do these new branches benefit me?
As the Credit Union continues to grow and open new branches, all of our members will benefit from the expanded service area they can now take advantage of. If you visit or move to Chicago in the future, you'll have access to five different convenient branch locations where you can receive the superior service you've come to expect from our employees who can assist with any financial transactions you may need to complete.
Why is MSUFCU opening five branches in Chicago?
The Credit Union has found that our branch expansion model is more successful when multiple locations are opened together.

This is especially true in larger populated areas such as Chicago. It builds a support network for the branches while also creating a larger and more convenient geographic area of service for our members.

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