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Welcome to FUNtivity Zone
Welcome to Funtivity Zone: A vibrant world of financial literacy made just for kids! We believe that empowering young minds with the tools to understand money from an early age sets them up for a lifetime of financial success. Through our engaging and entertaining videos, we transform complex financial concepts into bite-sized, kid-friendly lessons.

Get ready to embark on an adventure where saving, spending, and smart decision-making become second nature. Join us as we journey through the exciting realm of money management, where learning is fun and the future is bright!

Sweet Pea
Designed for newborns - 2, these videos start your child's financial future with the right building blocks that will help them be financially responsible throughout life.

Dollar Dog
Designed for children ages 3 - 6, these videos will help your child learn about saving money through fun contests and promotions.

Cyber Saver
Designed for children ages 7 - 10, these videos teach positive savings habits, through fun contests and promotions.

Money Club
Designed for teens 11 - 13, the following videos teach smart saving and spending habits, and budget management through contests, promotions and events.

CU Succeed
Designed for teens 14 - 17, these videos help teens develop budgets, track income and spending, and understand the cost of using credit.

Youth Resources

Congratulations, young money masters! You've navigated through the twists and turns of financial literacy like seasoned sailors on the sea of savings. Remember, every coin counts, and every dollar you save is a step closer to your dreams.

So go forth, armed with knowledge and a sprinkle of financial magic, and conquer the world, one wise investment at a time! Stay savvy, stay curious, and keep shining bright like the financial stars you are! To continue the fun, check out our financial gaming apps and current youth specials!