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Meet the Financial Educators
Our MSUFCU financial educators are passionate about working in our community to help others make their financial goals and dreams come true!
Jessica Rubio
Jessica hosts the Wallet Watch podcast and creates written and video content for a wide array of audiences. She has expanded financial education opportunities across the state, demonstrated through a 725% increase in financial education sessions, over the span of three years, with the Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative.
Lexus Finegan
Lexus received her bachelor's degree from Michigan State University. Her expansive financial knowledge and experience play an integral role in her partnerships with Oakland University and written content creation. Lexus proudly continued her own education to be able to provide others with the courage to confidently take control of their financial journey.
Tonya Williams
Tonya has a foundation built by her time in law enforcement and personal coaching that nurtured her passion for taking on uncomfortable conversations, which included finances. Tonya joined the Financial Education department in 2023.
Therese Bacon
Therese joined Financial Education in 2023 after six years as a Loan Officer with the Credit Union. Her extensive experience in finance and passion for philanthropy drive her goals in educating the community. Therese collaborates with several local businesses and organizations from youth to adults.
Ryan LaBarge
Ryan's experience in working face-to-face with Credit Union members in a branch setting and his Bachelor's degree in Communications are demonstrated through his leadership developing and maintaining our Financial 4.0 website. In addition, he leads our partnership with MSU running semester-long weekly financial literacy sessions, attending various classes, and interacting with incoming faculty and staff.
Haley Fluke
Haley joined the Financial Education department in 2023. Prior to that, she received a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Michigan State University and taught elementary education. She has combined her background in education and finance to add state standards to lessons and presentations impacting several schools in the area.
DaVante Montgomery
DaVante is a passionate Certified Financial Education Instructor with a bachelor's degree in finance from Oakland University. DaVante has been in the Financial Education department since 2018 serving on many projects including the Wallet Watch podcast, student programming with Oakland University, and data analytics.
David Hoskins
David graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology. He began working in Financial Education in 2023 with a goal of improving personal relationships with money. David works with various nonprofit partners and well as our K-12 programing.
Chloe Pagogna
Chloe is in the process of pursuing a bachelor's degree in Finance from Michigan State University. She is currently a Financial Education Intern and looks forward to contributing to financial literacy content and feedback analysis.