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Security News

We are dedicated to providing the highest caliber of security and data protection to our members and employees and diligently monitor and test our systems and processes for potential threats. We also follow security and privacy concerns happening in the industry and in the world, learning from them while remaining focused on our goal: protect sensitive information and minimize disruption to members.

Card Fraud Activity
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We identified a potential fraudulent transaction from a company called LoveWorld TV. The safety and security of your financial information is of the utmost importance to us, and we have credited the affected accounts and reissued new debit cards. While the exact cause is still being investigated, rest assured that our systems are safe and our members' information is secure.

Our systems were able to limit the number of accounts impacted to less than 1% of the membership, and we are working diligently to serve these members. Impacted members are not liable for any fraudulent transactions.

How can my card become compromised?
There are a variety of methods that fraudsters use to gain access to card information. There could be a common point of compromise at a merchant, or the fraudster(s) may have worked to identify a valid card number; we are investigating the root cause of these fraudulent transactions. We have monitoring systems in place and teams dedicated to reviewing suspicious activity to block it as soon as possible.

Why didn't I receive any notification or an alert of potential fraud?
Although many members received notification of this suspicious activity on their cards, not all members received the notification. Our fraud monitoring systems assign a score to each transaction based on the merchant, dollar amount, and member's history. Based on the score, the transaction may not have been identified as suspicious and instead may have processed, therefore a notification would not have been sent.

How can I get this transaction removed?
You are not liable for any fraudulent transactions. In the event that a fraudulent transaction has occurred, please contact the Credit Union. You can contact us or call us after hours at 888-393-1172 and select "Report Your Card Lost or Stolen" from the menu options to start the process. We will also ensure you receive a new card by mail in 5-7 business days or you may visit a branch to obtain a new card. You may also lock your card(s) in the Mobile app, and in ComputerLine to prevent any unauthorized transactions. You can unlock your card(s) before making any transactions.

Click here to learn more about our Visa Security, and to find out how cards can become compromised.