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MSUFCU Retirement Simplified
Create a free profile to see your personalized Retirement Score and discover how long your money will last in retirement.

MSUFCU and Retirement Simplified, powered by Silvur, are partnering together to provide you with all of Silvur's best-in-class education and tools to validate and improve your retirement plan. We'll help you navigate through your retirement benefits and expenses so you can make the best decisions for your retirement.

How to Get Started:

• Click the button below to create your profile
• Calculate your personal Retirement Score
• Start reading through lessons in retirement school

Silvur personalizes your retirement in one place, no more searching the web and hoping for the correct answer. They provide over 500+ educational lessons to answer all of your questions. You'll also receive a retirement newsletter straight to your inbox every week.
Retirement School
Choose from over 500+ educational lessons to understand Social Security, Medicare, and retirement taxes
Retirement Score
Calculate how long your money will last in retirement-- down to the year and month
Personalized Retirement
Get answers to all your retirement questions, even the ones you might not have known to ask